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Founder – Fempower Health and Healing

Born in Australia, from Jordanian descent, I have come into this world with a gift and a purpose to serve humanity and continue my personal spiritual journey of evolution in this physical form.

Ever since I was a young boy I have revered the human body in its sacredness. With great interest, I studied many forms of the healing arts and attended many self development courses. However it is through almost three decades of working in this field, running my healing practices, touching the lives of thousands of people and witnessing their lives transform; along with my own lifelong experiences, I have come to realise and honour my true gifts as a naturally born Shaman, master healer, Bodywork specialist and teacher.

Today I specialise in women’s health and sexuality and offer a unique and trusted form of healing which is highly sought after and respected by other Shamans, colleagues, practitioners and clients around the globe. These powerful healings continue far beyond one’s appointed sessions in the treatment room…in fact days, weeks, months or years later creating a ripple effect in one’s life.

Through all of my work in both individual sessions and workshops, the utmost integrity and pureness of intention is practiced – a foundation which is necessary for what I have been entrusted to do and teach to others. It is through these principles and my Shamanic gifts, I am able to intuitively and with clarity work intimately with women to embrace, explore and experience one’s own energies, connection and self healing.

My role as a healer means I am purely a facilitator in Sacred Healing sessions and the importance for my clients to learn to receive more deeply and experience one’s own sexual energy is crucial to one’s healing process. Touch is to be one way only – and my clients are to be in the capacity of receivership only. Under no circumstances will there be any sexual intercourse or any type of relationship formed other than a practitioner-client one. This provides the framework where clients can feel safe to be vulnerable and delve deeply into their own sexual healing, knowing they are in trusted hands and are supported completely through the purity of my touch and intention; and with the highest integrity.

I have been fortunate to travel around the globe both professionally and with my family; being enriched by these experiences of living in different cultures, meeting beautiful people and developing friendships; being faced with personal challenges and achieving personal triumphs – all of which I cherish and carry with me as part of my experience which is my life.












Due to the nature of my  work I may be unable to answer your call – so the best way to contact me, and the way I prefer – is by email; and I will contact you as promptly as I can during the business hours of the country which I am in at the time.


I do not discuss anything in relation to my work and your circumstances or health outside of the Sacred space of my healing room. All the information you need to know is available to you here on my website; so if you are drawn to my Sacred Bodywork work you can book easily online; which is the preferred way of booking; but if you would like to call to make an appointment you may do so; but please be advised that this is a courtesy and no discussions are available other than arranging your preferred appointment time.



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