Do you need my Bodywork?

Do You Need My Bodywork?


Do you experience aches, pains, or feel stressed?

Are you experiencing depression?

Do you suffer from headaches, and feel tied all the time? 

Are you embarrassed and unhappy about your body?

Are you lacking clarity and flow in your life?

Do you have low self-esteem and lack of confidence?

Are you having trouble conceiving?

Have you experienced a miscarriage or loss of child?

Do you keep drawing the wrong partner and like to break the pattern?

Are you feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or constrained?

Do you have fear and anxiety?

Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances?

Are you not coping with relationship issues, separation or divorce?

Do you feel vulnerable and unable to express your true self?

Are you experiencing self-judgement, guilt or shame?

Do you have increased libido, but avoid intimacy in relationships?

Do you have trouble connecting intimately with your partner, friends or especially yourself?

Do you fear love and intimacy?

Are you experiencing grief and loss?

Have you experienced sexual abuse?

Do you have little or no desire for sexual expression or intimacy with self or others?

Do you find yourself blaming others for the life you live?

Do you have difficulty experiencing orgasm?

Do you have low or no libido?


If you feel drawn to my work…

Make a booking…And feel the difference

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I look forward to the privilege of being in service and supporting your healing journey