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Unlock you Feminine Power – A Transformational Retreat For Woman

Presented by Catherine Taylor and Faris Mouasher

Millions of women are feeling the impulse to unlock their power, potential and infinite possibilities…

Over the past 20+ years of traveling our own journey of awakening Feminine Power and teaching thousands of women from 18 countries, one thing we know for sure is this:

The opportunity for YOU to have greater success and impact, express your creativity, experience deep intimacy, and meaningfully contribution, is WAY bigger than you can imagine.

You have the opportunity to embody what it means to be a woman on the edge of evolution, and how your living a fuller life is critical for not only your life and your family, but the future of our world.

If you have an inner knowing that you want to be more EMPOWERED and experience more of your POTENTIAL and FORTUNE in all areas of life.

Join us for 2 extraordinary days of transformation at Haven Retreat, Gold Coast.

In a SAFE and nurturing space you will find and experience the CLARITY, CONNECTION and TOOLS to support you embrace the next chapter of your life…


Explore powerful processes and healing practices to cultivate your life force and feminine power with a sense of youthful exuberance.

Connect with your courage and strength to have a fulfilling, loving relationship with your self and others using your creative and feminine power.

Realign and step into your own body rhythm and movement to live a healthy, active life.

Gain clarity and empowerment connecting with your powerful essence and express authentically who you truly are in everyday life.

Discover ancient healing practices and perfect techniques for dealing with challenging blocks, stress and emotions.

Gain clarity and empowerment connecting with your powerful essence working with Catherine and Faris’s proven work.


⦁ Access your AUTHENTIC Self as an empowered woman who stands STRONG in her feminine power

⦁ Break free from past upsets, feeling restrained and the cultural conditioning of what it means to be a woman TODAY
so you can VALUE YOURSELF more deeply and be who you were BORN TO BE

⦁ Develop greater SELF LOVE, acceptance and INTIMACY with yourself and in your RELATIONSHIPS

⦁ Discover your SACRED ESSENCE as an awakening and EMPOWERED WOMAN so you can achieve greater FULFILMENT

⦁ Find how to navigate YOUR WAY through challenging emotions to express your authentic self, no longer being run by old BELIEFS and patterns

⦁ Increase your health, vitality and PASSION in life so you can bring ALL OF WHO YOU ARE to the world

Our Numbers Are STRICTLY LIMITED To Ensure YOU Receive Personalised Attention

You Will;

1. Recognise and CHANGE emotional armory and what makes us shut down – how we use perfectionism, numbing and other tactics to avoid feeling vulnerable.

2. Explore the myths of vulnerability and understand that it is the origin point for innovation, ADAPATABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and ABUNDANCE.

3. Move stuck energy and old stories so that you can POWERFULLY CONNECT WITH WHO YOU ARE AT YOUR CORE… a powerful woman, strong in her feminine and masculine, awakening to a new chapter of life.

4. Cultivate Stillness and experience more GRACE and EASE – no more feeling depleted.

5. Allow your RADIANCE to shine – to stop playing small and be the woman you KNOW you are.

6. Learn how to lean into your own resistance, accept it WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and move through it with ease so you no longer are at war with yourself.

7. Find your voice and be comfortably SEEN and HEARD as your authentic self – no more playing small.

The experiential processes, learnings and connection that you will discover in this SAFE ENVIRONMENT are detailed, immediately implementable, practical and with a big picture overview – of who you are and what change you want to create for your self, your relationship, your wellbeing and your contribution.

We want to help you break away from any limitations and step into more of WHO YOU ARE in your innate Feminine Power…

so you can experience the personal FREEDOM, FULFILMENT and FORTUNE you deserve.

Our journey on sacred ground together will enable you to embrace the deeper magic of womanhood.

To be beautifully bold, tender and at peace with your self.

We humans are complex creatures yet when we drop into who we truly are and are at peace with our body, heart and mind – our world transforms – from the inside out.

This is SO much more than a 2 day Retreat…


⦁ A personal call with Catherine or Faris prior to the Retreat to discover what you want to get from Unlock Your Feminine Power Retreat

⦁ An online video class prior to the event to support you in getting the most out of your time on Retreat

⦁ 2 days of support, connection, learning, nourishment and amazing experiences on Retreat at the beautiful Haven Retreat, Gold Coast

⦁ Nourishing, organic lunches on both days and Supper on Saturday evening.

⦁ A Group Coaching Call one week after our Retreat together to maximise the shifts and transformation that you have

⦁ “10 Strategies to Super Charge You and Your Life” e-Book by Catherine


Limited accomodation at this divine retreat location is available for an additional fee. After you book your retreat, we will forward you the contact number of Haven for Health Retreat to organise this directly with them.

This premier Retreat is normally available for $1997, but in this one-time-only offer, you have the opportunity to take the EARLY BIRD
investment of this exclusive training at over 15% off—until 8th October 2018.

Full Price $1997 
Early Bird $1647 – 8 October 2018
Bring a Friend – $1497 each person (T&C’s Apply)

Limited accomodation at this divine retreat location is available. You can make this a RESIDENTIAL RETREAT if you choose – we will send you the details of the venue so that you can organise your stay directly with them for an additional fee.

Know that the strides you make within these 2 days can’t be undone, as experience can’t be denied and the knowledge can’t be unlearned.

We can’t wait for you to join us, so you can discover the benefits that thousands of awakening women are experiencing right this minute.

See you there!


Sat., 20/10/2018, 9:30 am – 7.30 pm

Sun., 21/10/2018, 9.30 – 4:30 pm AEST


Haven Retreat

15 Eagleview Court

Bonogin, Qld

Your Facilitators for ‘Unlock Your Feminine Power’ Retreat

Catherine TaylorCatherine Taylor is a woman that has walked the road of transformation  from a shy, submissive, sometimes rebellious young woman to an woman that today stands in her strength with a compassionate heart – a beautiful balance of the feminine and masculine energies and traits that we all have.

She facilitates change for women that KNOW there is something more inside of them that is untapped… they can feel their potential yet aren’t 100% sure how to access it and use it safely to create good in the world and success for themselves.

 Catherine, along with Faris, created‘Unlock Your Feminine Power’ for women like you who passionately crave more in life, who are ready to transform their lives and pursue their dreams unapologetically.

For more than 20 years Catherine has worked with thousands of peoplefacilitating sustainable change in their lives and business from the inside out. Having delivered hundreds of Workshops, Keynotes, Retreats and over 30,000 hours of private Clearing sessions, Catherine understands deeply what makes us tick, how we restrain ourselves and how to break free. 

 Catherine is a Mum, G’Ma, change-agent, facilitator, speaker, workshop leader and life & business mentor.

Faris Mouasher

Faris Mouasher was born in Australia, from Jordanian descent and brings over 30 years of experience. He has worked both nationally and internationally touching the lives of thousands of people and witnessing their lives transform to create healthier, more fulfilling lives in all areas of personal, business, relationship, family, and spiritual life.

Ever since he was a young boy he has revered the human body in its sacredness. With great interest, he studied many forms of the healing arts, attended many self-development courses, and has travelled the world spending time in monasteries, ashrams in deep practice.

Integrity and reverence to be in service and support those that seek transformational healing, health and wellness is at the heart of his work which enables women to connect deeply with the divine feminine, be empowered and open to more loving relationships and a way of life.

Thousands of women have transformed their lives as a result of working with Faris through his Sacred Transformational Bodywork, Mentoring Programs, Workshops and Retreats.

Married for 18 years and with two beautiful children, Faris is a dedicated husband, father, skilled practitioner, facilitator and business owner.

Full Price $1997 
Early Bird $1647 – Ends 30 September 2018
Bring a Friend – $1497 each person (T&C’s Apply)


The perfect, loving gift for the woman you care about. Purchase Gift Vouchers easily online!

“Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Mevlana Rumi

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Initially I did a session with Faris in December 2013, and then ended up doing two more in the days to come. My inner voice just kept telling me that one session was not enough. I have been wanting to write a testimonial for the past month, but did not find the adequate words to describe my experiences ...The truth is, i do not find adequate words to describe all I gained from my 3 sessions with Faris ... all I can say:
Each session was life- altering, amongst the best experiences of my life & if you feel drawn to his work ... go for it! :)

Jelka    Vienna, Austria   

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