Holistic Integrative Wellness Facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Shaman, Massage and Sacred Bodywork Specialist, Transformational Life Mentor and Coach

‘Infinite Potential’ Healing and Mentoring Program

‘Infinite Potential’ Healing and Mentoring Intensive Program

Developed over 30 years

This is your pathway to a sacred journey honouring every aspect of YOU as a woman, that promotes a safe holistic sacred union of your divine energy in connection, expansion and integration of your life force that enables you access to your infinite wisdom, love, pleasure, healing, empowerment, intimacy, sexuality, life purpose, spirituality, consciousness, wellness and wellbeing.

An entrusted space, where you will be revered, cared for, nurtured, guided and supported so you may learn to heal yourself and connect deeply with who you are and live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

These  Sacred Transformational Healing Experiences ™ (THE) encompass a variety of hands on modalities of  Bodywork, Energy Work and Shamanic healing Practices, Breathwork and Mentoring sessions tailored to each individuals needs in order to optimise your benefits each and every session. No session will be the same as they are intuitive, guided and supportive of your intention and goals on each visit.



Your Transformational Healing and Mentoring Intensive Program will Be facilitated by Faris Mouasher, where you will receive private one-on-one healing and mentoring sessions and follow-up support calls to ensure optimised results

Who is this for?

Women that are committed to and want more from their personal & professional life and transformational & healing journey. To women seeking an empowering pathway to live their lifes journey to the fullest.

My promise and commitment to you

You will be treated with the utmost integrity, unconditional love and reverence in a safe sacred space where you can experience All That You Are with every breath and guided to support your lifes transformational journey – thats my promise and commitment to you
Faris Mouasher – Holistic Intuitive Healer, Shaman and Integrative Wellness Facilitator


Infinite Potential – Healing & Mentoring Intensive Program | 3Mth  Book and Pay Here Now


A Transformative Healing & Mentoring 3 Month Intensive Program – which can be taken over eight to twelve weeks.
Sustainable change occurs when a dedicated amount of time is allocated to your transformation. It is essential to have a willingness to open your heart, body and mind to new experiences.

You will receive…

➢ 7 x Sacred Bodywork and Mentoring Sessions (approx. 2 to 3 hours)
➢ 7 x followup post session support and mentoring accountability calls between your bodywork sessions.
➢Plus 1 x one to one specifically tailored 60 min class of a particular practice, ritual or exercise to deepen your skill set, adding to your tool kit, creating support and sustainable change in your daily life and journey.
For those of you who know you are ready to take more ownership of your life and energy, I invite you to book your desired program or contact me to discuss which program may be the best for you.
This program is offered with limited numbers available at any given time to support a platform of excellence is reached with every client.

Reviews of some of my clients as they completed their program

“I have just finished the Infinite Potential, Healing & Mentoring Intensive program with Faris! This beautiful journey has been one of immense transformation, healing, connection & empowerment within myself, as a divine woman & being! I came to Faris in a state of disconnection & constant fight & flight within myself, which was severely affecting the quality, health & sustainability of my life & relationships.
The connected, flowing, centered, empowered, conscious & open woman I am today, is long past the helpless, unfulfilled & desperate girl, who first walked in.
My time, healing & prospering growth with Faris has been a pivotal LIFE INVESTMENT & I will be forever grateful for both his kind service & my own commitment opening up to this path, which lead me to the woman I am today! Thank you Faris!”
– Alexandra Gold Coast, Queensland.
If I can sum up my experience with Faris in one word it would be “life-Changing”
I made a decision to invest in myself & Reclaim the empowered woman I once was. As confronting as it has been at times, I know I couldn’t have found my path to clarity without the guidance and support of Faris.
If anyone has lost their identity, confidence, self worth or Courage I urge you to make the step. Life for me is so much clearer, I feel empowered as a woman and I understand myself so much better now. This experience is powerful and for me, its been the best decision I have ever made.
Completed the ‘Infinite Potential Healing & Mentoring Intensive Program’
– Leanne   Gold Coast



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“Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Mevlana Rumi

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ― Joseph Campbell


Fempower Health and Healing has been selected as one of the Most Popular Health and Fitness Services!

Awards received for 2017 and 2018

2017 - #4 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region

2018 - #6 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region


Deep honouring of the body is very powerful, and I didn’t know until this experience with Faris.

Faris holds such a neutral state. This is truly sacred bodywork… a path to a truer and more authentic self.

I had the experience of a healing session with Faris with no expectations, and opened myself to be a blank canvas and receive. I loved the session, and I’m grateful I did it. Whenever I reflect on my experience, I feel joy!

The depth of embodiment through his work is much more than receiving a traditional massage and I was able to create a feeling of unconditional love of myself. This I found empowering, and since then I have noticed, subtle and profound changes in my expression as a woman.

His gifted ability to hold space I felt is one of the keys to this being divine work. I can’t imagine a female being able to hold the safe unconditional energy that Faris did.

This experience allowed me to connect with my body’s inner wisdom and capacity to heal and realign on many levels; Surprisingly creating cohesion physically, emotionally and energetically .

Intuitively I had insights on how this healing work could be received by many women as a trauma and dis-ease changer, shifting perception of themselves, and dissolving past issues, again on many levels.

Vicki Jacobsen. Nsw Australia   

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