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Insights Into Navigating Through Your Powerful Year Of 2023

Navigating through 2023 – A Year of Soul-Searching.   

A 7 Universal Year in numerology, encouraging Introspection and pursuing Spiritual Truth.


When we deepen our spirituality and conscious awareness, we listen to those messages and pick up on the signs from our higher self.

Devoting time to stillness, breath, inner work, healing, yoga and meditation improves our listening skills and enhances our focus, clarity and expands our creative window and deepens our Inherent connection.

This is a time of embracing your inner journey like never before to explore what you truly love and who you truly are in alignment with your soulful life.

This is a time to have a transformational pathway to navigate your emotions, release old belief systems and patterns that no longer serves you and shift more deeply into your inner wisdom and power.

The theme keywords of the number 7 and for 2023 are Wisdom, Perception, Introspection and Spirituality. However, you may have your own keywords that may reflect this and resonate with you more strongly.

This is a time to create greater trust and embrace your angel guidance and your spirit guides so you can achieve great things and accept the changes that will come. A continuous time of surrendering and building confidence in moving forward through uncertain times.

We’re living in times of immense movement. Many of us are healing from past trauma that has set in motion deep personal growth beyond what is comfortable.

This is the time to reap the rewards of greater ease of achievement in your life through the inner journey work you do, honour the divine feminine approach as opposed to having to go out, push and fight to achieve it.

 “Your Outer World Is A Reflection Of Your Inner World”

It’s often best to work from the inner self outward not outwards in.

Honouring why we came here from a truly soulful alignment is giving us permission to embrace the divine being within and live the life you’re born to live.

In reverence of honouring the divine feminine and celebrating your womanhood …I encourage you to continue on the path you seek that fulfils and liberates you to love what you do, deeply love your self more and make a difference as you follow your heart and dreams.



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With Love and Gratitude 🙏 ❤️ 😀

Faris Mouasher

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“Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Mevlana Rumi

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I Would highly recommend Fempower Health and Healing!
Faris is a great mentor and bodyworker if you are looking to enhance your life in so many areas. He works on helping you understand self love on a deeper level. I feel much more attuned to myself and in touch with my feminine energy. So much happier, more clarity and confident. Thank you Faris! You are a wonderful gift to us all. Joy.

Joan Riley, Gold Coast Australia   

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