Professional Consulting

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What percentage of your clients this week have come from referrals?


Would you like to increase your referrals because you have met the healing needs of your clients

and exceeded their expectations for quality of care and professionalism?


Our consultancy service will be able to support you in increasing client satisfaction and increased referrals.

Faris Mouasher offers this unique and customised consulting service for Health Practices; Massage/Bodywork/Healing Centres; and Day Spas.
Faris has had successful practices and businesses for over 30 years; and is highly respected throughout the world; and is now offering a Customised Consultancy Service to practitioners and owners/managers of practices; to support better outcomes for both practitioners, businesses and clients.
The service we provide encompasses examining your whole business from procedures, staff, practitioners, client satisfaction to your financial productivity.
If you are finding that yourself or your practitioners aren’t achieving the results and goals you have set out ranging from treatment effectiveness to financial outcomes; our Customised Consultancy Service can assist you in achieving those goals and creating a more positive outcome for both clients; practitioner and your business profitability.
Please make contact using the form below to discuss how Faris Mouasher’s  professional and personalised Consultancy Service can support yourself, your staff  and your clients.




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