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  2. I didn’t know this was coming!
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  4. Are you experiencing any of these and ready to transform your life?
    3-Aug-16 • 0 Comment
  5. Golden Mandala Poem – Om Mani Padme Hum
    23-Mar-16 • 0 Comment
  6. Thangka Mandala Painting – “OM MA NI PAD ME HUM”
    23-Mar-16 • 0 Comment
  7. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”― Joseph Campbell
    22-Jun-15 • 0 Comment
  8. “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Rumi, c. 1240 AD
    14-Jun-15 • 0 Comment
  9. “Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely ….
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  12. Am I the only one to feel like…..
    21-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  13. Who are you?
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  14. Are you tired of being identified as only being a “Role” or a “Story”?
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  15. The importance of understanding your Sexuality!
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  16. Do you want to experience ‘Yourself’?
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  17. The importance for you to have pleasure in your life!
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  18. Discovering yourself! Reclaiming being a Woman!
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  19. Do you find it difficult, awkward or have felt vulnerable receiving from practitioners before?
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  20. Why would you come to receive my bodywork?
    20-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  21. Honour The feminine Divine and Goddess Within
    19-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  22. De-stressing; Relaxation; Time-out; Time for YOU!
    19-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  23. Improve your Health and Well-Being
    18-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  24. How often have you had the therapist talk about themselves during your appointment? Not here!
    15-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  25. Do you find it difficult or awkward to receive from a male practitioner?
    14-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  26. You have now found a male practitioner with the utmost integrity who you can trust.
    13-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  27. My purest intention.
    10-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  28. When was the last time you truly experienced YOURSELF?
    3-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  29. holistic approach test
    3-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  30. Sexual Health
    1-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  31. Will I be pampered?
    1-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  32. My Holistic Approach
    31-Oct-14 • 0 Comment
  33. How can Faris’ Sacred Bodywork help me?
    30-Aug-14 • 0 Comment
  34. Booking, Reschedule and Cancellation Policy
    27-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  35. Appointment Guidelines – Prepare | After
    27-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  36. Behaviour and Communication Etiquette
    27-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  37. At Fempower – where you as a woman can….
    22-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  38. The Unique Difference is expressed in EVERYTHING I do
    22-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  39. At Fempower Health and Healing – Where you are revered.
    22-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  40. Receiving from Faris as a male practitioner….
    22-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  41. Perceptions around working with sexuality….
    22-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  42. Platform of Excellence
    21-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  43. What does it mean for you to be a woman?
    18-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  44. Fempower Health and Healing – Philosophy; The Unique Difference
    18-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  45. Fempower Health and Healing – vision
    18-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  46. Is my work ‘massage’?
    17-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  47. Women’s Health and Sexuality
    17-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  48. If I am menstruating, do I still keep my appointment?
    4-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  49. Do I wear underwear on the table?
    4-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  50. “Is your work like …..?”
    3-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  51. Do I lie on a massage table?
    3-Jul-14 • 0 Comment
  52. Back in Mexico – For Healing appointments; Playa del Carmen
    18-Nov-13 • Comments Off on Back in Mexico – For Healing appointments; Playa del Carmen
  53. Faris’s Whales Swim Experience in Tonga – 2013
    28-Oct-13 • 0 Comment
  54. Now in Mexico – For Healing appointments; Playa del Carmen
    3-Mar-13 • Comments Off on Now in Mexico – For Healing appointments; Playa del Carmen


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“Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Mevlana Rumi

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Fempower Health and Healing
ABN 51 542 325 974
PO Box 4488, Ashmore Plaza
Ashmore. Qld. 4214 Australia

8/5036 Emerald Island Drive
Emerald lakes, Carrara
Qld. 4211 Australia
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ― Joseph Campbell


Fempower Health and Healing has been selected as one of the Most Popular Health and Fitness Services!

Awards received for 2017 and 2018

2017 - #4 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region

2018 - #6 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region


If I can sum up my experience with Faris in one word it would be "life Changing"
I made a decision to invest in myself & Reclaim the empowered woman I once was. As confronting as it has been at times, I know I couldn't have found my path to clarity without the guidance and support of Faris.

If anyone has lost their identity, confidence, self worth or Courage I urge you to make the step. Life for me is so much clearer, I feel empowered as a woman and I understand myself so much better now. This experience is powerful and for me, its been the best decision I have ever made. 😀

Completed the 'Infinite Potential Healing & Mentoring Intensive Program'

Leanne    Gold Coast   

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