Every woman’s experience is unique, and will be different to every other women’s experience, because every woman’s palette of their life is unique to themselves.

It is with great reverence, honour and privilege that I continue to serve and witness the courage, commitment and journey of those women that have chosen to create change through the body of work I deliver and embrace the success they seek.


Kathy-Ann Gkikas. GC, Queensland. Australia

Devoting the past 8 years to my spiritual journey, retreats and practices, I Realised I Needed More.

I manifested the opportunity of working with a Shaman; I met Faris and signed up to a personalised 12 Month Inner Healing Journey, my growth and awareness of myself was astounding, profound and so liberating.

Working 1:1 powerfully accelerated what I desired to create in my life. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made for myself.

In my mind I thought I was truly in my feminine, yet lost the softness, the playfulness, the open heart and trust I remember from my childhood.

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Honouring myself through the work Faris delivers, made me more self-aware, helped me heal and release negative beliefs, traumas and karmic conditioning from within. Allowed me to rediscover myself and take more ownership of who I am, what I feel…It empowered Me.

This taught me to truly Love Thy Self wholeheartedly revealing such a softness and openness in my heart, it expanded my heart, mind, and spirit. Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, embracing an imperfectly perfect life of joy and harmony, embodying my true essence; to be a human being.

I honour myself and express gratitude to Faris for this transformative journey. Your dedication and devotion to your work and our collective contribution to humanity are deeply appreciated for the highest good.

Rosemary Samyia. Sydney, Australia

I would like to attest to the most unique and uplifting experience of sacred healing bodywork and mentoring sessions received from Faris.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3C cancer and I literally fell in a heap. I was offered surgery and chemotherapy, followed by radiation as the cancer spread and I was offered counselling.

I received all the above but I was steadily spiralling downwards as I felt I had lost control over my body and mind.

Emotionally, mentally and physically I was taxed to the max and I realised I needed more than the support given by my medical providers.

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Working with Faris who immediately sensed my needs provided me with unwavering emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical support with a seemingly unlimited supply of wisdom, mentoring and helpful techniques that I could utilise whenever needed.

Faris’ healing and bodywork sessions were the holistic care I needed to empower me to participate actively, mentally and spiritually in my own healing, assisting me to unblock trapped energy. It felt so restorative.

His unique capacity to channel all his energy into his healing sessions with zero judgment, opens heart and soul to fuller potential.

I most highly recommend Faris’ bespoke holistic healing and mentoring program and in fact booked others with him and they are benefitting enormously too.

Nadine Czemmel, Germany

The 30-Day Body Mind Soul Challenge was a life-altering experience that I initially hesitated to invest in, yet fate led me to discover the true value of this experience.

One of my biggest Break throughs working with Faris Mouasher is that I had someone (male energy) who was giving me a safe space to explore my body in such a trustful way. He showed me how deep I can go with each bodywork and breath work session received.

My biggest shift going from my masculine energy into my feminine energy was a life changing discovery for me.

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What I liked most working with Faris is that no matter when, I felt safe, like being at home with myself. He can give so much space without judgement that I was able to see myself clearly. Through his support and guidance he helped me break free from past limitations.

If you’re looking to work with Faris, know that it can be life-changing and definitely benefiting in both your present and your future steps in life.

This was a powerful experience where I was able to connect more deeply with who I am, create deep healing and acceptance of my self on many levels.

Thanks for everything Faris. With love.

Zaana Jaclyn. Gold Coast Australia

Faris supported and guided me through a deep personal transformation with a combination of body work and mentoring.

He is deeply committed to creating and holding an incredibly safe space that has enabled me to explore, experience and heal many dimensions of myself.

Faris has a warm heart and gentle presence – masterfully balancing being compassionate yet direct, always meeting me where I am at whether that be providing body work or words of calm and nourishment or guiding me to meet my appropriate edge.

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He is always generous with this time and support, ensuring I always have what I need to move forward. I am very grateful to Faris for his commitment to his gifts and work, and to my journey.

Karen Davis. Brisbane Australia

I have nothing but thanks to Faris for creating a safe space to tap into my own self care and healing.

He creates a genuinely safe space for professional women like me who are overwhelmed and overworked to tap into what is important in life and refocus on nurturing the self.

It has been a humbling experience  to work with Faris who genuinely supports women on their healing and life journeys.

Vicki Jacobsen. NSW Australia

Deep honouring of the body is very powerful, and I didn’t know until this experience with Faris.

Faris holds such a neutral state. This is truly sacred bodywork… a path to a truer and more authentic self.

I had the experience of a healing session with Faris with no expectations, and opened myself to be a blank canvas and receive. I loved the session, and I’m grateful I did it. Whenever I reflect on my experience, I feel joy!

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The depth of embodiment through his work is much more than receiving a traditional massage and I was able to create a feeling of unconditional love of myself. This I found empowering, and since then I have noticed, subtle and profound changes in my expression as a woman.

His gifted ability to hold space I felt is one of the keys to this being divine work. I can’t imagine a female being able to hold the safe unconditional energy that Faris did.

This experience allowed me to connect with my body’s inner wisdom and capacity to heal and realign on many levels; Surprisingly creating cohesion physically, emotionally and energetically .

Intuitively I had insights on how this healing work could be received by many women as a trauma and dis-ease changer, shifting perception of themselves, and dissolving past issues, again on many levels. Very grateful!

Catherine Taylor. Brisbane, Australia

I wanted to work with someone who could support me in aligning the innate energy and power that I knew I had as a woman, mum, partner, leader and business woman.  Someone that would work with me on such a holistic and sacred level; someone who would respect and honour me at every level.

I met with and began working with Faris which was the beginning of an incredibly transformative journey that I’ve been on now for 15 years.

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I have become more comfortable in my own skin and for me, that is a massive win as it has given me an enormous amount of strength and confidence in who I am at a very deep level.

The results can be seen in my personal and professional life…as a result of the work that I have done with Faris, I am more open, authentic, empowered, clear, strong and loving. It enabled me to begin to soften more fully into the power and gentleness of who I truly was, in all aspects.

Both the work that Faris does and the space he holds delivered such incredible results for me, I asked him to join me in co-facilitating some of my workshops and retreats. The work that he delivered in a group setting was both eye and heart-opening for my participants.

Faris’ work not only supports healing of what was, it enables the empowerment of who You truly are.  Working with Faris will give you the opportunity to expand and become more empowered in body, mind and spirit.

Alexandra Temple. Gold Coast, Queensland

I have just finished the Infinite Potential, Healing & Mentoring Intensive program with Faris!

This beautiful journey has been one of immense transformation, healing, connection & empowerment within myself, as a divine woman & being!

I came to Faris in a state of disconnection & constant fight & flight within myself, which was severely affecting the quality, health & sustainability of my life & relationships. 

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The connected, flowing, centered, empowered, conscious & open woman I am today, is long past the helpless, unfulfilled & desperate girl, who first walked in. 

My time, healing & prospering growth with Faris has been a pivotal LIFE INVESTMENT & I will be forever grateful for both his kind service & my own commitment opening up to this path, which lead me to the woman I am today! Thank you Faris!

Melinda T. Byron Bay, Australia

I was a bit hesitant about going to see a man about healing my past sexual and emotional pains. However Faris is very caring and created a nurturing, soft and safe space.

I was surprised at how comfortable I felt and with how much I let go, It was extraordinary.

I am forever grateful for Faris’s help, support, care, wisdom and knowledge. He helped me become a clearer, freer, stronger and enriched woman.

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The 30 Day Body Mind Soul Challenge program was so valuable for me.

Thank you Faris.

Stephanie. Brisbane, Australia

I am incredibly appreciative that the Universal energies brought Faris and I together.

Faris is an exceptional healing practitioner who nurtures each individual gently, providing the positive healing energy and support that is most beneficial for each unique being at that particular time in their journey.

Faris’ respectful manner and nature allow one to feel incredibly at ease and in loving hands honouring ones wants, needs, concerns and entire mind body and soul.

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I highly recommend seeing Faris, after only 1 session with Faris I knew that it had started something positive within me. Subsequent sessions continued to unlock areas in my body, mind, soul, and life that I had been experiencing blockages…freedom and liberation followed from this-which for many years I had been searching for.

I cannot put into words the positive transformation my entire life has taken on since meeting Faris I have tears of joy as I write this. Thank you beautiful soul for sharing your beautiful positive healing energy and gifts with us all 

Joan Riley. Gold Coast Australia

I Would highly recommend Fempower Health and Healing!

Faris is a great mentor if you are looking to enhance your life in so many areas. He works on helping you understand self love on a deeper level.

I feel much more attuned to myself and in touch with my feminine energy. So much happier, more clarity and confident. Thank you Faris! You are a wonderful gift to us all.

S.S. Gold Coast, Australia

Faris’ work supported me to find the real, hidden me. I have connected with the feminine, confident happy woman that I knew I was.

Doing the 30 Day Body, Mind, Soul Challenge Program has empowered my health, relationships and confidence.

Thank you Faris for supporting me through my journey.

Alexandra Temple. Gold Coast, Queensland

I have recently completed the 30 Day Mind, Body & Soul Challenge with Faris.

I came here at a crossroad in my life. Feeling stuck in a low gear. By opening to the highest work and guidance of Faris and in such a short time, I have skyrocketed into my own beautiful woman and true energy.

I once hid and ran from the life I was given. I am so glad I have found such a mentor and bodyworker as Faris. I am finally coming home into my true feminine self and for once…I can feel my highest, most loving life!  Thanks again.

Leanne. Gold Coast, Australia

If I can sum up my experience with Faris in one word it would be “life Changing”
I made a decision to invest in myself & Reclaim the empowered woman I once was. As confronting as it has been at times, I know I couldn’t have found my path to clarity without the guidance and support of Faris.

If anyone has lost their identity, confidence, self worth or Courage I urge you to make the step. Life for me is so much clearer, I feel empowered as a woman and I understand myself so much better now. This experience is powerful and for me, its been the best decision I have ever made. 

Completed the ‘Infinite Potential Healing & Mentoring Intensive Program’

Julie C. Gold Coast, QLD Australia

I have experienced many shifts and changes after doing your 30 Day Body, Mind, Soul Empowered Program Faris.

Not only do I have more energy during the day and sleep better at night, but my posture has improved, I am more aware of my breath, and increasingly consistent working with it.

I feel more of my Life Force flowing, a deeper heart connection and contentment in my body. I am more open to change and feel whole on the inside, leading me to be more adventurous in living my life and creating my future.

Thank you Faris

Tamika. Queensland, Australia

I have known Faris for a number of years and had the privilege to have 4 personal one on one sessions with him.

 Faris’s work is very difficult to explain as his work is so deeply personal and transformative that it literally affects every area of your life in subtle yet powerful ways.

The results of his work have rippled out into my life in ways that I could have never imagined and I feel extremely blessed that I had the courage to actually  commit to his work which is at first quite confronting. Yet, the sacred and safe space he creates from the start made it very easy to continue.

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He is intuitive, connected and one of the most aware men I’ve met in my times and when it comes to sacred sexuality work, this is crucial to the healing of the client.

I highly, highly, highly recommend his work if you have sexual blocks, abuse history, or just want to feel more connected to yourself physically, sexually, emotionally or spiritually.

This work is the crux of unlocking your divine nature as a powerful, creative and conscious human being.

Jaye. Brisbane, Australia

Faris Mouasher has changed my life! After 6 sessions, my mind and body are feeling aligned.

My female energy is restored. His healing hands have guided me to use the power of my body and spirituality to find balance, through breathing and his unique massage technique.

Faris has taught me to surrender into healing and through the course of my treatments I have noticed positive changes in my sleep patterns, emotional wellbeing, PMT (premenstrual tension) and overall personal confidence.

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Of course this is my journey, but Faris is a natural born healer and has specifically targeted my needs intuitively.

I cannot recommend his practice more highly, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to grow as a woman and will continue to see Faris to maintain balance in my life.

This is powerful stuff you won’t get anywhere else!

Isabelli A. Brazil, Sth America

Faris’s work is hard to explain in words, you need to experience and feel it. So much changed in my life in these past months as we worked together.

I started with the 30 Day Body Mind Soul challenge and I had such good progress that I signed up for 30 more days.

Faris respects your moment and your timing. We worked through a very deep level of self.

As a result of the 60 days I could acknowledge and release old patterns that I’ve been carrying for years.


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I have noticed how much more abundance was brought into my life, and how I now give myself permission to feel and connect more with my higher self.

It’s very deep and profound work that truly transforms you. If you are open to receive you will experience a lot of changes in your life.

I highly recommend Faris’s work if you’re looking for more understanding and connection with yourself.Faris is an absolute amazing and enlightened human

Artemis. NSW, Australia

I feel blessed to have been led to Faris. There is no way to describe the sessions, except to say that they are incredibly deep and life-changing, and have allowed me to reconnect with self love, spirituality and an appreciation of my inner beauty.

Faris remains consistently sensitive to my needs, so that each session is different to the one before.

I have been to many practitioners over the years. Faris’ work stands out due to its uniqueness, and the very special niche it holds for women seeking a deep and loving connection with themselves and their inner power.

Myriam, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The work Faris does it is difficult to explain with words. It is about experiencing your own energy. He creates a space that connects you in a very profound way to yourself.

I highly encourage anyone with an open heart and mind to experience his work. I am extremely grateful to have met this amazing person and looking forward to have more sessions in the future.

Jelka. Vienna, Austria

Initially I did a session with Faris in December 2013, and then ended up doing two more in the days to come.

My inner voice just kept telling me that one session was not enough. I have been wanting to write a testimonial for the past month, but did not find the adequate words to describe my experiences…The truth is, i do not find adequate words to describe all I gained from my 3 sessions with Faris … all I can say:
Each session was life- altering, amongst the best experiences of my life & if you feel drawn to his work … go for it!

Tracey. Australia

When I first started working with Faris, I had no idea the state my body and emotions were in – stress and life had taken its toll.

The first visit I experienced a bliss that radiated a feeling irrelevant of anything in my life at that time and was left with a softening and tenderness in myself and body.

I also had no idea of the impact his bodywork would have on my life. Over time with Faris’s support his patience and gift I was able to have the fortitude to shed, address issues and let be.

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Faris’s work although confronting empowered me to move forward gave me insight into my Being and awareness of the need to be honest and to continue to trust and connect with my energy in each moment each breath. This pattern has become an anchor in my life.

Thank you. Faris

Margaret, Gold coast, Australia

I met Faris after one of my work colleagues recommended him for a Bodywork session.

After I’ve had my first session with Faris I realised that what he does is profoundly unique.

He always took time to talk and showed real interest in myself and my life and exactly knew what my body really needed at any given moment.

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I was a bit worried at first about getting touched by another man but my husband. As a matter of fact I never really felt comfortable with being touched by men, after having gone through abuse in my own family as a child, but deep down I knew that touch was exactly what I needed to heal the pain and fear that I carried around for so many years.

I knew something was missing in my relationship with my husband, with other people and more so with myself. Never would I have guessed that through the bodywork Faris delivers, I would start my healing process and learn so much about myself on such a deep level and get into touch with my innermost self.

Coming to his space felt like coming to a safe sanctuary and I always felt empowered and encouraged to continue my journey at my own pace and time. I can truly say that with his help I learned to accept my own sexuality and what’s more that I am in control of my own body. I also learned to forgive myself and others for the past happenings and now can happily say that I enjoy my life just the way it is.
Thanks Faris

Amanda. Sydney, Australia.

Being a person that does not particularly like being touched by a stranger, for me to agree to a bodywork session by Faris was certainly a big step.

After the experience I can definitely say it was the right step. My body seemed to respond to the touch in a very positive way.

I felt relaxed and experienced what can only be said as a connection between me and the healing bodywork session.

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My mind and the relaxed state of my body allowed thoughts to move freely. I enjoyed the experience so much I regularly booked in for these healing session since its affect lasted for days afterwards.

I can actually say it seemed to assist me to move forward in my life. How this happened I do not totally understand but Faris was certainly instrumental in helping me achieving this. Our conversations and regular bodywork sessions helped me clarify my life’s direction. The whole experience was unique in nature and a wonderful way to clear away stress and tightness within one’s body.

Try it……it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Hayley Coates, Gold Coast, Australia.

Coming to Faris has helped me to open up pathways and unblock energies, that I had no idea existed within me.

I have been nurtured and supported in healing and my journey has become clearer – I have redefined my sense of self.

Faris has enabled me to reconnect with my true self and to discover the power of being a woman and importance of living in the moment.
I would recommend Faris to anyone who is looking for something more whether minute or paramount.

Verena Newcombe, Gold Coast, Australia

It was my hairdresser who suggested that I should see Faris as he had helped several women with similar issues.
After three Sessions with Faris, I was pain free and able to resume my usual lifestyle. I am very grateful for the healing.

I have found Faris to be very knowledgeable and skilful in handling the body. He is trained in several different modalities which allow him to work intuitively to facilitate healing.

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I have been drawn to give deep thought to my life journey and work through emotional issues which I had buried deep inside. In fact I realized that I had been in a state of numbness for many years.

Faris has continued to work with me to support me in achieving a more harmonious relationship with my own body. With the release of these buried emotions, I am now able to feel a connection with my body and feel a flow of energy which enables me to experience a healthier happier life.

Faris is sincere in his quest to heal and is passionate in his commitment to health and wellbeing.

Prue Binnie, Gold Coast Australia

I have always felt the need to explore the spiritual side of my nature.

Faris has helped with unconditional understanding and support to help and guide me with my own journey of self discovery of the light within me.

Faris works from an intuitive place in which works on where your body needs healing. He tunes into your energy and is guided to those areas that hold blockages, and supports your healing process.

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I have found within my sessions releasing pain and discomfort within areas of my body that has been held onto from past issues. Once released I have felt all the heavy weight lift off my shoulders and transform myself to a higher place where it opens the flow to the true feeling of my soul love, peace and freedom.

Faris is truly gifted with his honest words and gifted healing hands. He has a strong passion to help others and assists to transform your pain and suffering into light and love. Thank you Faris
You truly are a gift!

Jennifer. Gold Coast, Australia

Hello Faris,
I went to see you in Ashmore I don’t remember what year it was, I think it was 2010 and my daughter also went.

We as a family have experienced so many amazing life changes since seeing you. I am working as a full time Artist from a beautiful studio. My daughter has an amazing life now and a beautiful baby girl .

I am so grateful that we believed in you and our lives are fantastic please let us know if you return to Australia.
All the best and thank-you

Life Mentoring and Coaching Reviews

Lauren Hindin. QLD, Australia

When I first learnt about Faris’s work I was really called to work with him, but through past experiences I had become very untrusting of males which made me very nervous to work and be vulnerable with him, but as soon as we connect via zoom, I just felt so supported and safe that I just jumped into our sessions with such peace of mind.

Since then we have unpacked so much trauma, guilt, self sabotage patterns and so much more and I have felt such a shift in my presence and the woman I now show to the world.

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He is very generous with his time, will always show up for you, creates a safe space and ongoing support when you need it. He has decades of experience and such a big heart.

Would 100% recommend! Thank you so much Faris

Rosemary Samyia. NSW, Australia

The greatest gift I have received from working with Faris is that I know and can use my own power to shift negativity and dis-ease from my mind and body. I’ve proven it.

Going into my fourth round of chemo for Stage 3 ovarian cancer, I was so afraid. So sad and falling into a heap.

I reached out to Faris and began doing mentoring sessions with him that enabled me to take control of myself and my journey back to health and my full potential. 

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Since working with Faris who provided deep care, supportive guidance and great wisdom, I’ve not only had my CA125 tumour count drop from 1100 to 17 (what a gift!) I’ve also been able to make more supportive life choices. The physical and emotional relief and self-healing possibilities I experienced from every session was palpable.

Working with Faris has propelled me forward in leaps and bounds emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you get the opportunity to work with Faris, do so. You potentially will never look back and love your new self and the boundless potential you discover. 

Thank you Faris

A.M. Chang Mai, Thailand

My deepest gratitude for supporting me during quite the difficult and pivotal transition to who I am today – empowered and freed to embrace myself as the Divine Feminine – in Body, in Mind, and most importantly in Soul.
This seemingly simple summary sentence does not do justice to the challenge and victory of what we achieved together…

“I came to you stuck in an overwhelming maze of a lifetime of built-up fear, guilt, shame and blame, never having lived up to the myriad of expectations placed upon me in my various societal roles.

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My experience of being a woman in this world and this Age of masculinity, achievement, survival, dominance and lack of inclusion and empathy, requires us to look, think, speak and behave a certain way, that erodes us to either become ‘like’ the masculine forces we compete with, or gives our power away to be suppressed and dominated (with outcomes ranging to from subtle and sophisticated forms of gaslighting, to sexual and physical abuse).

As a result, many women, including myself, have forgotten to allow and honour our vulnerability, embrace our beauty and our essence, and remember our Divine nature.

We seek to be heard, to be understood, to be safe, to be loved, to be given a space where our Divine nature can find expression – through nurturing, creativity, empathy, compassion, and sensuality. “

Initially I was hesitant to come to a MAN for help. However, I now believe your work is Divinely orchestrated, because you represent the Masculine in this world. Yet as the Masculine, you create such a large and safe space, with limitless patience and non-judgement to listen to me – WOMAN – fully and completely.

Your gentle guidance, encouragement, and commitment allowed me to explore the deeper and forgotten parts of my Self and my Soul. You helped me, with many useful tools and techniques, to connect with my heart space, my feelings, my breath, practice self-care and self-love, and experience the beautiful and complex body-mind-emotion connection that is the essence of all humanity – Feminine and Masculine.

It is purposefully ironic that I, WOMAN, would remember, explore, embrace and experience my Divine power, with the help of the Masculine! Your presence alone as a Man, let alone your dedication and commitment to work with women, is a healing balm for this world.

Anni Ird. NSW Australia

“ In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity”. It took me a few months to reach out to Faris, and start my life mentoring sessions. When I finally did I knew it was the right time for me. I went into it with my guard up, hoping for a fix to my “problems”, logically thinking that if I had the answer, everything would magically be better.

Self improvement, I learned, is actually a journey. It’s starting from scratch, kind of being born again and learning how to love yourself. 

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After working with Faris for almost a year I feel like I am becoming the person I was meant to be all along. I have learned techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and triggers which I now use on a daily basis and will keep practicing and perfecting. It’s never too late to start working on yourself, all you need to bring to a session with Faris is an open mind
– the rest will follow! Highly recommend!

Joan Riley. Gold Coast Australia

Faris is a great mentor if you are looking to enhance your life in so many areas. He works on helping you understand self love on a deeper level.

I feel much more attuned to myself and in touch with my feminine energy. So much happier, more clarity and confident. Thank you Faris! You are a wonderful gift to us all.

I Would highly recommend Fempower Health and Healing!

Kim Magee, Townsville, Queensland

Thank you Faris for the amazing support that you have provided in the treatments and mentoring sessions over the last couple of years

You have been a significant part of the change of who I am today.

I highly recommend your services to women.

I had a lot of issues to shift from many years of trauma. It was worth the investment for me to invest in myself so I now can invest in others

Thank you again

Group Workshop and Retreat Reviews

Catherine Taylor Townsville, QLD

Before attending some of the workshops that Faris has facilitated, even thought I was doing really well both personally and professionally, I was disconnected from both my body and the source of my personal power.

Both my personal and professional life have improved even more so since taking and using not only all of the wisdom and strategies that Faris shared but also because of the deeper connection I formed with myself and body in the workshop space of deep respect, no judgement, immense Presence and care.

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Faris’s work had such a profound impact on me that I had him co-facilitate a number of the retreats that I ran for business women.

If you want to be more Present and to stand in you personal power with grace, I encourage you to work with Faris in a workshop and or mentoring role. You will flourish just as your relationships and business will.

March 2023

Mary, Gold Coast, Australia

This workshop has taken me back into the vibration of my own body – This is my birthright. Thank you Faris, meeting you has confirmed I am on the right path.


Love Mary

Anna McCarthy. QLD, Australia

I felt extremely comfortable all day at no time did i feel pressured or out of my depth.

Faris is an awesome teacher and a wonderful person to know. Thank you so much Faris. You have opened my eyes upto another world that I want to explore.

Blair. Gold Coast Australia

For anyone with a closed mind or has a problem expressing themselves, Faris’ workshop is a must.

Feel the flow.

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