Holistic Integrative Wellness Facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Shaman, Massage and Sacred Bodywork Specialist, Transformational Life Mentor and Coach

Transformational Mentoring and Coaching


 Through an Online One-On-One  platform, Faris sets up a safe, sacred and confidential space for you to manifest the life You were born to live.

Who Is This For?

Women Committed To…

Thriving and empowering themselves in their personal and professional life.

Deeper, intimate, more loving relationships.

Receiving to replenish and rejuvenate more deeply.

Divine feminine connection.

A Soulful Journey, living a more healthy, fulfilled and balanced life.

Discover how to navigate your way through Challenging Emotions and situations without being run by old Patterns and Beliefs…

Learn to empower your self when feeling  vulnerability

Release past trauma and triggers that no longer serve you

Understand  Emotional Intimacy and reclaim your power 

Ignite your true Masculine and Feminine balance 

Reclaim your Health and Wellbeing

To book  your Mentoring and Coaching  programs and take advantage of the great value, benefits, and sustainable change they provide for you…



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“What Women are saying”

“ In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity”. It took me a few months to reach out to Faris, and start my life mentoring sessions. When I finally did I knew it was the right time for me. I went into it with my guard up, hoping for a fix to my “problems”, logically thinking that if I had the answer, everything would magically be better.

Self improvement, I learned, is actually a journey. It’s starting from scratch, kind of being born again and learning how to love yourself.

After working with Faris for almost a year I feel like I am becoming the person I was meant to be all along. I have learned techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and triggers which I now use on a daily basis and will keep practicing and perfecting. It’s never too late to start working on yourself, all you need to bring to a session with Faris is an open mind
– the rest will follow! Highly recommend!

Anni Ird. NSW Australia


When I first learnt about Faris’s work I was really called to work with him, but through past experiences I had become very untrusting of males which made me very nervous to work and be vulnerable with him, but as soon as we connect via zoom, I just felt so supported and safe that I just jumped into our sessions with such peace of mind.

Since then we have unpacked so much trauma, guilt, self sabotage patterns and so much more and I have felt such a shift in my presence and the woman I now show to the world.

He is very generous with his time, will always show up for you, creates a safe space and ongoing support when you need it. He has decades of experience and such a big heart.

Would 100% recommend! Thank you so much Faris

Lauren Hindin. QLD, Australia


The greatest gift I have received from working with Faris is that I know and can use my own power to shift negativity and dis-ease from my mind and body. I’ve proven it.

Going into my fourth round of chemo for Stage 3 ovarian cancer, I was so afraid. So sad and falling into a heap.

I reached out to Faris and began doing mentoring sessions with him that enabled me to take control of myself and my journey back to health and my full potential.

Since working with Faris who provided deep care, supportive guidance and great wisdom, I’ve not only had my CA125 tumour count drop from 1100 to 17 (what a gift!) I’ve also been able to make more supportive life choices. The physical and emotional relief and self-healing possibilities I experienced from every session was palpable.

Working with Faris has propelled me forward in leaps and bounds emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you get the opportunity to work with Faris, do so. You potentially will never look back and love your new self and the boundless potential you discover.

Thank you Faris.

Rosemary Samyia. NSW, Australia


My deepest gratitude for supporting me during quite the difficult and pivotal transition to who I am today – empowered and freed to embrace myself as the Divine Feminine – in Body, in Mind, and most importantly in Soul.
This seemingly simple summary sentence does not do justice to the challenge and victory of what we achieved together…

“I came to you stuck in an overwhelming maze of a lifetime of built-up fear, guilt, shame and blame, never having lived up to the myriad of expectations placed upon me in my various societal roles.

As a result, many women, including myself, have forgotten to allow and honour our vulnerability, embrace our beauty and our essence, and remember our Divine nature.

We seek to be heard, to be understood, to be safe, to be loved, to be given a space where our Divine nature can find expression – through nurturing, creativity, empathy, compassion, and sensuality. “

Initially I was hesitant to come to a MAN for help. However, I now believe your work is Divinely orchestrated. You create such a large and safe space, with limitless patience and non-judgement to listen to me – WOMAN – fully and completely.

Your gentle guidance, encouragement, and commitment allowed me to explore the deeper and forgotten parts of my Self and my Soul. You helped me, with many useful tools and techniques, to connect with my heart space, my feelings, my breath, practice self-care and self-love, and experience the beautiful and complex body-mind-emotion connection that is the essence of all humanity – Feminine and Masculine.

Your presence alone as a Man, let alone your dedication and commitment to work with women, is a healing balm for this world.

A.M. Chang Mai, Thailand



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“Your task is not to seek for Love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Mevlana Rumi

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Fempower Health and Healing
ABN 51 542 325 974
PO Box 4488, Ashmore Plaza
Ashmore. Qld. 4214 Australia

8/5036 Emerald Island Drive
Emerald lakes, Carrara
Qld. 4211 Australia
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ― Joseph Campbell


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Awards received for 2017 and 2018

2017 - #4 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region

2018 - #6 Most Popular Health And Fitness Service in the Gold Coast Region


If I can sum up my experience with Faris in one word it would be "life Changing"
I made a decision to invest in myself & Reclaim the empowered woman I once was. As confronting as it has been at times, I know I couldn't have found my path to clarity without the guidance and support of Faris.

If anyone has lost their identity, confidence, self worth or Courage I urge you to make the step. Life for me is so much clearer, I feel empowered as a woman and I understand myself so much better now. This experience is powerful and for me, its been the best decision I have ever made. 😀

Completed the 'Infinite Potential Healing & Mentoring Intensive Program'

Leanne    Gold Coast   

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