Q & A – Bodywork

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    Be honest…Ask yourself if it has crossed your mind that you are experiencing ANY of these…

Hormone Imbalances – Sexual Abuse – Depression – Lack of Intimacy – Poor Relationships – Low Libido – Loss of child – Feeling Vulnerable

 Lack of Sleep – Painful Menstruation – Inability to Orgasm – Menopause – Low Confidence – Lack of  Pleasure – Lack of Fulfilment

Feel Lost – Eating Disorders – Relationship Abuse – Lack of Self Empowerment – Lack of Happiness

Feeling Tired or Unwell – Not Enjoying Work – Relationship Separation or Divorce

Feel Self-Conscious – Incontinence – PMS – Stifled Expression

Fertility and Pregnancy Related Issues



Perhaps it’s time now to stop letting these things prevent you from flourishing!!!

It takes courage to address some of these things…but these are real issues which women all over the world carry not knowing where to seek support with them. You have now found a safe place where you can address these things. Here at Fempower you have the opportunity to feel, heal and connect with yourself on varying levels, where nurturing, nourishment and healing occurs.

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Relax…take time out…..just enjoy feeling your muscles soften and feeling nurturing…

OR you may wish to work on healing something in particular –

a health issue; working toward a goal; addressing something in your life that doesn’t feel quite right…

your self-concept;    relationships;   the direction of your life….

OR work on deeper issues around your sexuality…..


my bodywork is customised to your needs and perfect for YOU!