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Faris Mouasher

Integrative Multi-Modality Wellness Facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Shaman, Holistic Massage and Sacred Bodywork Specialist, Transformational Life Mentor and Coach

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I operate from a platform of excellence; where I nurture and respect you in your entirety in support of your Health and Well Being; all in reverence – to nourish your Soul

Born in Australia, from Jordanian descent, I have come into this world with a gift and a purpose to serve humanity and continue my personal spiritual journey of evolution in this physical form.

Ever since I was a young boy I have revered the human body in its sacredness. With great interest, I studied many forms of the healing arts and attended many self development courses. However it is through over three decades of working in this field, running my healing practices, touching the lives of thousands of people and witnessing their lives transform; along with my own lifelong experiences, I have come to realise and honour my true gifts as a naturally born Shaman, master healer, Bodywork specialist and teacher.

Today I specialise in women’s health and wellbeing and offer a unique and trusted form of healing which is highly sought after and respected by other Shamans, colleagues, practitioners and clients around the globe. 

These powerful healings continue far beyond one’s appointed sessions in the treatment room…in fact days, weeks, months or years later creating a ripple effect in one’s life.

My Role as a Healing Practitioner, Life Mentor & Coach

Through all of my work in both one-on-one individual sessions and group workshops, the utmost integrity and pureness of intention is practiced – a foundation which is necessary for what I have been entrusted with and teach to others. It is through these principles and my Shamanic gifts, I am able to intuitively and with clarity work intimately with women to support them embrace, explore and experience THEIR own energies, connection, self love and self healing.

My role as a healer means I am purely a facilitator in your Sacred Healing Sessions and the importance for my clients to learn to receive more deeply and experience one’s own energy is crucial to one’s healing process. If you are receiving Bodywork sessions, as a client you are to be in the capacity of receivership only.

The power of Touch in its purity can be vulnerable, yet transformationally healing and empowering. Under no circumstances will there be any type of relationship formed other than a practitioner – client one through this profound and sacred work available. This provides the framework where clients can feel safe to be vulnerable and delve deeply into their own healing, knowing they are in trusted hands and are supported completely through the purity of my touch and intention; and with the highest integrity.

My Promise and Commitment to You

You will be treated with the utmost integrity, unconditional love and reverence in a safe sacred space where you can experience All That You Are with every breath and guided to support your lifes transformational journey – thats my promise and commitment to you

My Invitation to You...

I invite you to enter an exotic, sensory journey to Self, embracing and honouring you in your wholeness; through this Sacred Body of Work. Your bespoke experiences guided by myself provide the opportunity where you can explore and experience the multitude of layers within yourself, at whatever level which is perfect for you; where your experience is your guide…where your experience is your teacher…where in this sacred space where women are respected and revered; your experience is your healer.

Travel Adventures

My Profound Experiences

My 30-Day Silent Retreat 2012

I was in Arin just outside of Calca in the Inca Sacred Valley of Cusco Peru. Perhaps you might be wondering why I chose this place for a retreat. It is now, that my calling to be in silence between 2 moons must be, and I happen to be in Peru. The energy here was very supporting; it was perfect.

2013 Tonga Whale Swim Experince

14th September 2013 I left Playa del Carmen, Mexico to Vava’u Tonga to join up with a friend and a small group with WhaleSwim Adventures to swim with Humpback Whales and explore our photographic passion. Wow, what a life changing experience

2014 Tonga Whale Swim Experience

Pop back again soon to see my beautiful photographs and read about my second wonderful trip to Tonga swimming with the whales again…It was sooo amazing.

I have been fortunate to travel around the globe both professionally and with my family; being enriched by these experiences of living in different cultures, meeting beautiful people and developing friendships; being faced with personal challenges and achieving personal triumphs – all of which I cherish and carry with me as part of my experience which is my life…

Inherent Connection, formerly known as Fempower Health and Healing represents the encompassing vision which has evolved over many decades. I would like to thank my teachers, guides and mentors; my beautiful clients; the many families and friends; My enriching experiences; and all those beautiful souls that have crossed my path that have taught and been part of an incredible journey that continues to inspire and fuel my passion and commitment to support the empowerment and healing of women in a privileged and entrusted Sacred space, where women are revered, ones’s Beauty is honoured and womanhood is celebrated.


Sacred Valley, Peru

Such profound moments and experiences on my journey through the Sacred Valley of Cusco Peru. Mother Earth is such a wonderful powerful force to open your heart to and embrace.


Merida, Mexico

21/12/2012 – Invited to participate with other shamans in two fire ceremonies honouring one of the great cycles
of the Mayan Calendar.
What a privilege to attend!


Macho Picchu

For those of you that have visited this exceptional place, no words are necessary. for those that havent been, A MUST DO and have on your bucket list. An exquisite sacred land that exuberates an energy beyond words.

“I am forever grateful for Faris’s help, support, care, wisdom and knowledge. He helped me become a clearer, freer, stronger and enriched woman”.

Melinda T. NSW Australia

“Faris’ work supported me to find the real, hidden me. I have connected with the feminine, confident happy woman that I knew I was.”

S. S. Gold Coast, Australia

“Each session was life-altering, amongst the best experiences of my life & if you feel drawn to his work …
… go for it!”

Jelka, Vienna, Austria

“Faris respects your moment and your timing. We worked through a very deep level of self. It’s very deep and profound work that truly transforms you.

Isabelli A. Brazil

“It is about experiencing your own energy. He creates a space that connects you in a very profound way to yourself.”

Myriam, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I cannot put into words the positive transformation my entire life has taken on since meeting and working with  Faris!”

Stephanie Brisbane, Australia

Ready for your life Changing Experience working directly with Faris 

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