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Inherent Connection Health, Healing and Wellbeing policy has been designed in accordance with deep honouring and commitment to your self-healing and to maximize support in those times where you may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable in your transition before you integrate the changes you are seeking; as well as honouring my time and the sacred work I have been entrusted to do. Often healing takes place outside of the familiar or one’s comfort zone, so I have taken the steps to ensure support for you on all levels in order to deepen your healing journey accordingly.

I have witnessed that some people at times find it easier or prioritise to invest in other areas than themselves; find it easier to give to others than to receive; or limit themselves to what they can achieve by their beliefs, perceptions or choices. I am committed to support your healing journey before you enter the healing room and ask for your commitment also, thank you.

Many of my clients have shared with me that the process of healing for them started when they chose to book an appointment, or perhaps when they felt sensations or emotions in their body as they read my flyer or website information. I am dedicated in giving you every opportunity for you to choose and maximize your self healing through the sacred work I offer, and have adopted my policies and practices accordingly with my dedication to my work and your healing.

Booking, Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

When you make your appointment, there is a specific time set aside for your care. This means we may be turning away other clients as we honour your preferred appointment time. It is important for you to honour and commit to your appointment time, however, in the event you require to cancel or reschedule an appointment please refer to conditions below. Please read carefully, and by requesting any appointment, series package or program, you have agreed to Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing terms and conditions.


Appointments are confirmed once payment is received.


Less than 48 hours prior to your appointment

Rescheduling is not available

Cancellation – No refund is given


48 hours notice is Business hours (Monday – Friday) Eg: if you have a 10am appointment on Monday you must notify me by 10am the Thursday prior. Failure to notify me within 48 business hours will result in applying my no refund policy.

Cancellations on Series Packages and Programs

*Please note, no refund is given on any of series of packages and programs or any unused sessions in any package and program. They are designed personally for you as a series of sessions for optimum results. Any unused session may be used anytime with prior arrangements made.

Appointment Guidelines - Prepare | After


You are required to complete your Client Intake Form online prior to your appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure you are prepared for your Bodywork appointment. If you are late, please understand your session time will be reduced accordingly.

Please NO coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol or any drugs other than your prescribed medication – on the day, both prior and after your appointment.

Hydration is important for your health, so water is encouraged for 24 – 72 hours prior your session.

(Prescribed medication are fine, however please make sure you notify me before session to serve you best)


Please turn off your mobile phone as a courtesy to other guests and to allow yourself to have uninterrupted time totally for YOU.

So that you experience your own beautiful skin and body in the most beneficial way in your Bodywork Ritual session, underwear may or may not be worn but draping using the pestemal or towel will be implemented when required during Healing Bodywork Ritual.


Have some time just for YOU. Plan a couple of hours to support your healing and maximise the benefits of your session.

Drink plenty of water for the next  2-3 days.

Be aware of any changes occurring as your body integrates the effects of your healing session.

If you have anything which you would like to discuss as a result of your Bodywork Ritual, please book a  time with Faris to discuss it.

Behaviour and Communication Etiquette

I do not answer calls outside of our business hours, so please leave your contact details and you will be contacted you as soon as we are able to. If you have anything you would like to discuss after your session, please contact via contact form to arrange an appointment.

I do run a Facebook page for notification of events and items of interest, but I don’t communicate with clients through messaging in Facebook.


For those who are receiving Sacred Bodywork Healing and Mentoring Sessions, there are some sessions where you may be working on issues where you may experience a level of vulnerability.  My role must be clearly understood as a specialist practitioner where no relationship is formed other than a practitioner-client one.

My role as a healer means I am purely a facilitator in your Sacred Healing sessions and the importance for my clients to learn to receive more deeply and experience one’s own energy is crucial to one’s healing process.

As a client you are to be in the capacity of receivership only with the sole purpose of your healing; with the utmost respect given to your boundaries.

My utmost integrity is the foundation upon which I work and I will without question abide within the codes of professional conduct and not violate the position of trust I have in relation to supporting your healing.

This provides the framework where you as a client can feel safe to be vulnerable and delve deeply into your own healing, knowing you are in trusted hands and are supported completely through the purity of my touch and intention; and with the highest integrity and reverence.

Terms of Use - Disclaimer

  Welcome to our website.


If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following disclaimer, together with our terms and conditions of use. While all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the information contained within this website is current and correct, Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing  gives no warranty as to the information’s accuracy or authenticity.

The content is for information purposes only. Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing and its representatives do not accept, under any circumstances, any liability arising from the use of the information and/or advice contained herein.

The responsibility for verifying the relevance and accuracy of the website’s content is with the persons accessing the website.

Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing will not be held responsible for any links to this website and advise that access to this site should only be gained via or Fempower Zenoti Webstore. 

If you the client experience any pain or discomfort during this session, you must immediately inform the wellness practitioners. As a client ofInherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing, you hereby understand that therapists do not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder; nor do they prescribe medical treatment of any kind. As a client Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing, you acknowledge that bodywork is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment, and that it is recommended that you the client see a physician for these services.

Because bodywork should not be performed under certain medical conditions, it is the clients responsibility to state all known medical conditions before undertaking any therapy. As a client of Inherent Connection and Fempower Health and Healing you hereby take it upon myself to keep the therapist updated on your health and wellbeing and understand that there shall be no liability on the therapists part should he/she fail to do so.

Even whilst working with a client in areas of  sensitivity, vulnerability, intimacy or sexuality, there are strict protocols and the client will not engage in any type of relationship formed other than a practitioner-client one; and the practitioners behaviour and professionalism will be held with the utmost integrity and in accordance with professional protocols.

All pricing stated are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.

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Below are your two options to make your bookings with Faris Mouasher.
All appointments must be pre-paid and payment is required at time of booking.

These booking options are available as an assurance to you that Faris will not leave your appointment at any time to answer calls


As a convenience to yourself we have supplied an online booking platform so you can make your bookings, and experience your beautiful healing and transformative sessions whenever convenient to yourself.

The advantages of booking online means that you can –

  • Immediately choose your desired Healing And Mentoring Program which is convenient for yourself.
  • Make your payment through our Secure Online Payment Gateway
  • Have your profile set up with a client intake form securely submitted ready to receive your first session.

Get Started and Book Online


If you would prefer not to use our easy and convenient ONLINE booking and payment system,  you may call 0422 017 017 during business hours to arrange your booking and make payment; with the understanding whilst much of our discussion around your health and my work will take place in the sacred space of my healing room, however I understand initially you may have some questions and may require more information.

If that’s the case, click below and schedule a free upto 30 minute consultation call.

Claim your free consultation call here


Confirmation of your appointment will only be made once your Booking has been made and paid for. You will receive notification of this confirmation of your appointment by email, which also includes all information that you require for your exquisite, nurturing and healing Sacred Bodywork and Mentoring appointment. Sometimes this confirmation email may take up to a few minutes so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox immediately. This email is no reply email notification…however you may contact me via the contact link provided on this email.

For first time appointments you will be required to complete a Client Intake Form easily online at your convenience prior to your appointment.


Please let me know if you require to receive a courtesy reminder by text, 24 hours before your appointment time. Please be advised that no rescheduling or cancellations can be made during this time, this is purely a courtesy reminder for your benefit.

This SMS is no reply text reminder…

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