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one-on-one working directly with Faris

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Offering Transformative Wellness Pathways to work with Faris Specialising in empowering and supporting women like you who are committed to wanting more from your personal and professional life;

Health, Healing & Wellbeing

Love, Intimacy & Relationships 

The Divine Feminine Woman

Spiritual Awareness, Self Connection & Expression

Feminine And Masculine Energetic Balance…And Much More

Ready To Transform Your Life Journey And Address The Many  Layers Of Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual And Spiritual Wellbeing.

A Holistic Integrative System

The 5 Pillars of Holistic Health, Healing and Wellbeing

System Transforming Lives

Embodying The Laws Of Nature, Liberates Us

When we learn to understand that everything is energy and the source of power comes from within, we now can use this as the platform from which we can elevate our health and wellbeing, our relationship with self and others. We can embrace deeper healing, find peace, balance and alignment and live a more fulfilling life.

In Truth, There is no such thing as separation, or disconnection with in the universe or ourselves …It’s an illusion. Everything is connected and holds Oneness and Divine Union.

Why choose to work with Faris’ 

Women choose to receive from Faris for so many different reasons

Just for you…

He delivers a Body of work to women that are sacred Transformational Healing Experiences™  in which  supports you to connect with the limitless power of your own feminine energy to feel the honesty of your innermost being, which honours every part of you to connect with yourself and your energy; this being an innate, wonderful and most powerful healing and transformative force – for you to use for your own healing and in the expression of your own empowerment to share and live your life in accordance with your inner wisdom and soulful purpose.


A Holistic Multi-Modality Pathway Designed For You

Over 30 Years Experience

Faris draws from any one or more of the below in each session depending on your chosen pathawy honouring  what your body requires at any given time, supporting and optimising  your desired outcome

Holistic Massage

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Sacred Bodywork

Breath & Meditation

Kundalini Work

Shamanic Healing

Sound Healing

Spiritual Guidance

Trauma Clearing

Mentoring & Coaching

Distance Healing

A proven Approach To Your Wellbeing

I offer a truly holistic multi-modality approach with various intuitive and Transformative healing pathways of Holistic Massage and Sacred Bodywork, Energy Work, Sound Vibrational Healing, Shamanic Healing,  Trauma clearing, Breath and Meditation, Life Mentoring and Coaching.

Whatever level you wish to receive and work with, your sessions are customised to your needs and perfect for you in order to optimise your desired outcome.

I look forward to the privilege in being of service and supporting your  lifes journey.


To Dive Deep Into Understanding Your Inherent Connection And Commit To Becoming The Best Version Of  Yourself  With The Right Facilitator Is A Unique Journey That Not Everyone Chooses To Go On…

But For Those People Passionate About Personal Growth And Transformation, Their Health And Wellbeing, Who Know There’s More Within Them And Who Wants To Bring That Out For Themselves And For The People AroundThem, It’s One Of The Most Rewarding Journey You’ll Ever Embark On. 



✔︎  I am connecting more deeply with myself, being in my truth and authenticity.

✔︎  I am committed to elevating my health and wellbeing.

✔︎  I am committed to my growth, open to change and create my path to success.

✔︎  I am reclaiming deeper, more Intimate, loving relationships.

✔︎  I am an empowered woman being in my vulnerability, stepping outside of my comfort zone to be all that I am.

✔︎  I am a women open to clearing blockages, love my  body, feel alive and rejuvenated.

✔︎  l am a person living my soulful journey, living a healthier, more fulfilled and balanced life.



  I am not committed to person growth and transformation.

  I am not willing to get outside of my comfort zone. 

  I am unwilling to take ownership of my life.

  I am a woman who isn’t ready to be vulnerable and empower change.

Ready for your life Changing Experience working directly with Faris 

Your Service Pathways Available

Honour the woman within

Where do I start?

If you are drawn to my work, and ready to take ownership of living your soulful life, then the first place to start is by either booking online your desired transformational wellness Pathway, contacting Faris for more information or book a free consult.

Every woman's experience is unique?

Every woman’s palette of their life is unique to themselves; the spectrum of reasons why women seek and choose to receive my Specialised Bodywork & Mentoring or Life Mentoring & Coaching sessions is vast. Every woman’s experience is unique, and will be different to every other women’s experience.

Most women however make appointments because they want to feel, connect with, or heal something within themselves so they can feel better about something in their lives…to be more empowered …. to flourish and create the success they seek!

Layers of experience….

Within each of these sensory bodywork & mentoring experiences,  or life mentoring & coaching sessions there are many layers of connection and healing; and these layers are unique for each woman, each session. In the sacred space provided, where you are revered; your appointment is a time solely for you – uninterrupted; where you can receive bespoke facilitation from a Specialist Bodyworker, Healer, Mentor and Coach.

How to maximise the benefits for yourself…

A willingness to open your heart, body and mind to new experiences and embrace change is essential to achieving your connection within and your healing transformation. All sessions are strictly through our transformational programs specifically designed for you, so you may achieve your desired outcome . This is a conscious decision for you to embrace, explore and experience yourself during eacb session, and I will guide you to the most appropriate session schedule to support your goals. Lets work together, I will commit 100% in each session and ask for your 100% commitment so you may Live The Life You’re Were Born To Live

Your journey starts here

Ready to Honour the Divine Woman Within

The 3 EEE’s of Transformation

Where you as a woman can;

  • Embrace and honour your feminine power and beauty;
  • Explore your senses, vulnerability and courage;
  • Experience nurturing, and your connection within;

…to have the freedom to live your life’s energy with empowerment, love and the celebration of being a woman..


Incredible Things Can Be Done Simply If We Are Committed to Making Them Happen
~ Sadhguru

The key is to Embrace, Explore and Experience your inner self and life journey

Perhaps now is the time…

Ready Now…?

For Love

For Healing

for abundance

For deep connection

For self – Acceptance

for letting go of the past

For achieving your success

for knowing who you truly are

For better health and wellbeing

for creating loving relationships

…perhaps now is the time for freedom to live your divine soulful Life!


Imagine if you could experience yourself in a space where connection and healing created profound changes in your life;

Imagine an advanced healing pathway for better health and vitality; better relationship with self and others; understanding and cultivating our sexuality from a deeper spiritual awareness and connection; opening up to a safer, more expressive and powerful form of intimacy with self and loved ones, and  experiencing a deeper, much more fulfilled life in each moment…

“I have dedicated my life to honouring the divine feminine, to inspire women to step into their truth, elevate their health and wellbeing, to love themselves wholeheartedly, create deeper intimate loving relationships and to empower their unique expression in the world to live their divine soulful life.”

Faris Mouasher, Founder Inherent Connection

Perhaps Now is A time to balance your body’s systems, find your self, connect more deeply, fill your cup, bring Vitality and Calm – flourish in your life.


Are you at a stage in your life where you feel you have given so much to others that you seem to have lost yourself?

Do you feel that you have lost that connection with the hidden Woman within; who you know is just waiting to glow?

Are you embarrassed and unhappy about your body?

Do you feel you have lost your true identity through the many roles you have taken on. 

Do you have trouble connecting intimately with your partner, friends or especially yourself?

Do you feel vulnerable and unable to express your true self?

Do you have little or no desire for sexual expression or intimacy with self or others?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the work I deliver is for you. 


What Women Are Saying

Faris supported and guided me through a deep personal transformation with a combination of body work and mentoring.

He is deeply committed to creating and holding an incredibly safe space that has enabled me to explore, experience and heal many dimensions of myself.

Faris has a warm heart and gentle presence – masterfully balancing being compassionate yet direct, always meeting me where I am at whether that be providing body work or words of calm and nourishment or guiding me to meet my appropriate edge.

He is always generous with this time and support, ensuring I always have what I need to move forward. I am very grateful to Faris for his commitment to his gifts and work, and to my journey.

Zaana Jaclyn. Gold Coast Australia

I have just finished the Infinite Potential, Healing & Mentoring Intensive program with Faris!

This beautiful journey has been one of immense transformation, healing, connection & empowerment within myself, as a divine woman & being!

I came to Faris in a state of disconnection & constant fight & flight within myself, which was severely affecting the quality, health & sustainability of my life & relationships. 

The connected, flowing, centered, empowered, conscious & open woman I am today, is long past the helpless, unfulfilled & desperate girl, who first walked in. 

My time, healing & prospering growth with Faris has been a pivotal LIFE INVESTMENT & I will be forever grateful for both his kind service & my own commitment opening up to this path, which lead me to the woman I am today! Thank you Faris!

Alexandra Temple. Queensland

When I first started working with Faris, I had no idea the state my body and emotions were in – stress and life had taken its toll.

The first visit I experienced a bliss that radiated a feeling irrelevant of anything in my life at that time and was left with a softening and tenderness in myself and body.

I also had no idea of the impact his bodywork would have on my life. Over time with Faris’s support his patience and gift I was able to have the fortitude to shed, address issues and let be.

Faris’s work although confronting empowered me to move forward gave me insight into my Being and awareness of the need to be honest and to continue to trust and connect with my energy in each moment each breath. This pattern has become an anchor in my life.

Tracey G. Bali

Services and Packages

Choose Your Life Changing  Option

I invite you to this Sacred Body of Work that now gives you the access to unlocking your infinite wisdom.

These Transformational & Healing Experience Pathways are specifically designed  for those of you that are committed to and want more from your personal and Professional life, your relationships and transformational healing journey.


Multiple sessions of bodywork & support call for your Body, mind & soul


Packages for those wanting deeper transformational  healing work


Specialised life mentoring and coaching directly  with Faris


Personal & Professional shifts, Perfect for the group lover  

Message From the Founder


Learning to honour and embody our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual being is crucial to our health and wellbeing. You may be wondering…

‘How does healing Bodywork do this?

How does it better my health, empower me, create deep loving intimate relationships, release my past trauma or impact my personal and professional life?

The way we show up makes a massive impact in our lives and others, so its vital we do the inner-work and get to know the real you…the empowered you, the ultimate you! 

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